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Shipping cargo from Canada to Iran

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Shipping cargo from Canada to Iran 

shipping cargo from Iran to Canada

The main ports of Canada are the highways of the Canadian maritime transport system, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver are one of the ways to enter the Canadian market. Findings including sending household items to Canada, sending food to Canada and...




To send cargo to Canada, you can use the following methods:

 Sending air freight from Iran to Canada: due to its speed, this method has provided the possibility of providing the best air freight service from Canada and the best air freight rate to Canada for Torang Darya Shipping Company.

Sending cargo by container by ship from Iran to Canada: In this method, shipping cargo to Canada is done by sea. It is also possible to send cargo from Canada as an export through Torang Darya Shipping Company. In this way, the cheapest sea freight rates to Canada and the best container shipping service from Canada, including sea shipping to Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver, are done with the lowest cost and the best sea shipping service.


Specialized cargo transportation from Iran to Canadian ports

 Importing from Canadian ports and exporting to Canadian ports is considered one of the most important services of Torang Darya Shipping Company. This service is mandatory for businessmen. It is not the merchants, but the shipping of sea cargo to Canada has attracted the attention of many immigrants and students today:


Packaging of home appliances for sea shipping from Iran to Canada and air shipping from Iran to Canada


In order to transport household furniture to Canada, the packing and preparation team of Torang Darya Shipping Company is sent to the cargo area or to the door of the house along with all the packing equipment and supplies and having the necessary and sufficient skills to carry out accurate and principled packing for container shipping of goods to Canada or air freight to Canada so all  the things  are packed with quality packaging and all cartons are placed on plastic pallets. After finishing the packing work, the cargo will be sent to the desired airport or port.

To inquire about the price of transporting household furniture from Iran to Toronto and transporting household furniture from Iran to Vancouver, or for advice, please contact the Tarang Darya team.


Sending food and supermarkets to Canada

Due to the increase in the immigration rate and the need to transport many Iranian food products to Canada, the Tarang Darya team is ready to send supermarket items and all kinds of food products to Canada by sea and freight. Please contact the Torang Darya team.




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