The term NVOCC is derived from the word NON-VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER.

In these years, with the imposition of sanctions on the shipping industry, there have been many restrictions in the field of exports and shipments in the country, as well as the restrictions of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Company in serving many countries and major ports in the world, causing the expansion of the activities of the companies. Shipping with the name of NVOCC has been done. NVOCC companies usually do not own ships and transport goods by using containers under their ownership and by renting part of the space of ships of major shipping lines.


What is the advantage of using NVOCC companies?

One of the advantages of this service is that there is no need to unload and reload the goods at transit ports (Mondra Jebel Ali, etc.) becomes

Also, the use of NVOCC service of Trang Darya company, due to the availability of a significant number of containers in many ports in India, China, Europe, etc., saves the time of our dear customers.

Trang Darya Shipping, as an NVOCC company, with 7000 TEU independent container fleet under its ownership, is able to provide unique and unmediated sea freight surveys in the continent of Asia and Europe, Canada, etc.