What is door to door delivery service?


Door-to-door delivery service means the delivery of goods directly from the warehouse or factory of origin to the receiving location. In fact, every importer and exporter provides this service. This is because they have to carry out the usual time-consuming and stressful processes and procedures personally.

Door-to-door delivery service in three stages of receiving cargo, transporting and sending cargo, clearance of goods and sending to the final destination is done.

 Door to door service of Trang Darya Trang Darya company

Advantages of door-to-door delivery service

The following are the advantages of door-to-door delivery service


1. Faster process

First, using door-to-door delivery services increases the speed of importing and exporting goods. The reason is that the owner of the goods has paid for all the existing processes and hence all the transportation matters have been entrusted to the carrier.


2. Dealing with customs matters

One of the transportation processes is passing through customs inspection. Since door-to-door delivery handles all the shipping processes, customs clearance is automatically handled by the carrier.

3. Lower cost

All the door-to-door services are done by experts who are familiar with all matters, therefore, considering the knowledge of the National Company that they have probable costs of all stages of internal and external transportation, customs, etc., the best option for affordable delivery to They choose economical products.


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