What is Ro-Ro ship?

Ro-Ro ships refer to cargo ships that are designed to transport wheeled cargoes, including cars, trucks, buses, bulldozers, road construction machines, and exclusively for the transportation of these cargoes by sea. .

Ro-Ro ship has a special platform on the side or front or back. Ro-Ro ships generally have different and movable floors to make the most of its space. The floors of this ship are connected through elevators or ramps.

 Due to the necessity of installing equipment in this type of ship, it can be said that these types of ships are the most expensive among commercial ships.


 Torang Darya Ro-Ro Service:

Torang Darya Shipping Company is proud to provide the best service to our dear applicants with years of experience in the field of cargo transportation through face-to-face ships. These services include the transportation of all the aforementioned cargoes through the most advanced operational staff