What is bulk cargo?

 Bulk cargo is a type of cargo with a large volume that is stored in special containers or tanks. These containers are transported in different ways. In fact, goods that cannot be packed due to their high volume are called bulk cargo


Giant and heavy ships are mostly used in the shipping fleet industry for bulk cargo transportation. Currently, the largest manufacturer of bulk cargo is South Korea.


The handling of bulk cargo is divided into two types: dry bulk cargo and liquid bulk cargo, each of which has specific conditions.



dry bulk cargo


Dry bulk cargo is usually agricultural products or cargo extracted from mines. Transporting this type of cargo is done through a conveyor belt or a crane, etc. Dry bulk cargo is stored in large silos for better care and protection. Types of dry bulk cargo include:




  • Powdered dry materials and minerals
  • Metal powder
  • Grains and grains such as barley, soy, wheat, corn, sugar, rice
  • Lumpy materials such as small and large pieces of metal
  •  types of soil
  • Factory materials etc


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Liquid bulk cargo


Liquid and non-solid materials are liquid bulk cargo. This type of cargo is transported with special tanks. Usually, most of the liquid bulk cargo is fuel and chemical materials.


It is very important to comply with health issues for the transportation of edible liquids. In order to prevent the material from spoiling. The types of liquid bulk cargo are:


crude oil


Petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel,...


Edible materials such as oils, drinks


Liquid gases such as ethane and methane, propane