What is air freight?

Air freight refers to a way of transporting and sending goods that is carried out by airplane. In this method, the cargo can be transported in the form of small or very large loads. Exporting and importing by air requires a lot of planning. In this way, you will definitely need advice and services from an international air transport company.


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The advantage of using air transport

The most important reason for using the air transportation method in moving cargo is its speed. Scheduling the shipment of goods in this type of transportation is much easier than other methods. For example, in the case of sea shipping, it can take several weeks for the goods to reach their destination, depending on the desired destination. But the air cargo reaches its destination in the shortest time, even one day. Torang Darya company in the air transportation sector, by using the knowledge of experienced colleagues and experienced work in the specialized air transportation of all kinds of goods, has the ability to provide the best air transportation services in Aqsa. parts of the world and in the shortest time and the most affordable price possible.