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ثنا صداقت

ثنا صداقت

Saturday, 11 May 2019 06:20

Fire Engulfs Vessel in Khalid Port, UAE

A small cargo ship carrying vehicles and tires caught fire in Sharjah’s Port Khalid, UAE, on May 8.

A total of 13 Indian seafarers were rescued from the vessel, with none needing medical attention, local reports said.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire, however the vessel was almost completely destroyed, according to photos from the scene.

In addition to vehicles and tires, the vessel is said to have been carrying 6,000 gallons of diesel.

Reference: worldmaritimenews.com

“Precise planning for small ports has been carried out and boosting the cabotage of goods between main ports and small ports is on the agenda.” said the Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization.


Mohammad Rastad, pointing to the fact that a part of the country's regional interactions, including export and import, is carried out through small ports, stated that meanwhile, a significant portion of job creation on the coast and the economic prosperity of these areas are realized through small ports.

He added: "The Ports and Maritime Organization will do its best by providing a detailed plan for the traditional and commercial fleet so they could utilize the best possible facilities for their operations. “

Emphasizing that the major part of the traditional and lightweight fleet on the southern coasts of the country are engaged in commercial activities and shipping, the deputy minister of Roads and Urban planning stated that this opportunity needs to be provided in order to strengthen the cabotage of goods between main ports and small ports.

Rastad Also elaborated that using the capacity of small ports, transfer of goods on the coast and in the form of transshipment should also be considered.

He concluded: The Ports and Maritime Organization has considered the development of small ports as a priority this year and paying more attention to small ports will enable these ports to operate well in the maritime transport sector.


Reference: pmo.ir

The Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan met with Kazakh Ambassador to introduce the capabilities and investment opportunities of Chabahar Port at the Kazakhstan's embassy in Tehran.


Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan met with the Kazakh ambassador to introduce the investment capacities and capabilities of Shahid Beheshti Port of Chabahar in order to expand and develop commercial-economic cooperation between two countries, while describing the investment opportunities of this port, Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs stated that Chabahar oceanic port has the ideal opportunity to invest and develop regional cooperation in the fields of exports, imports, transshipment and transit of goods while it offers access to Central Asia and CIS countries.

In this meeting, the ambassador of Kazakhstan emphasized on the expansion of relations between the two countries and the maximum utilization of the port of Chabahar, he also stated: "Certainly, we will prioritize expert studies on taking these opportunities in Chabahar port."

Kazakh ambassador added that considering the successful investment in Chinese ports, we are willing to invest in Chabahar port after studies on construction of warehouses and Silos in particular.


Reference: Pmo.ir

Embattled UK transport secretary Chris Grayling is canceling two ferry contracts that his ministry took out as an insurance policy in the event of a "hard Brexit." 

If Britain had departed the European Union on March 29 without a customs agreement, as seemed likely earlier this year, new border control measures for cross-Channel trade would have been enacted. This would have slowed down port operations for the freight ferries that carry a large proportion of the UK's trade with continental Europe. Britain has since opted to ask Brussels for a delay for further negotiations, and it now has until October 31 to continue internal and external talks. 

"People would expect a responsible government to take out an insurance policy, and that's what we've done, to make sure we can deal with all the challenges in a no-deal Brexit," said Grayling. "We never wanted it, we never worked for it, but we sure as certain needed to be ready for it."

Now that the insurance policy is not needed, the Department for Transport has canceled its two remaining contingency contracts with DFDS and Brittany Ferries. The termination payouts and fees came to a total of about $65 million. 

Grayling's ministry paid another $1.3 million to a consultant to evaluate a contract with a third ferry operator. That contract has also been canceled, as the recently-founded operator had no ships. The Department of Transport has also paid out $43 million to Eurotunnel to settle a dispute over the fairness of the ferry contracts.

Prime Minister Theresa May's political opponents wasted no time in ridiculing the payments and calling for Grayling's removal. “Is Chris Grayling really worth so much to Theresa May that she’s happy to foot a [$108 million] bill racked up in just five months?" said Liberal Democrat spokesperson Jenny Randerson. "If there’s one thing that would unite us all in this Brexit chaos, it would be Mr Grayling being shown the door by the prime minister."


Referesh: maritime-executive.com

Danish shipping major Maersk has launched Customs Clearance online shipping management platform in seven European countries with an aim to provide simple and easy-to-use solutions.

The platform was set up for Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Spain, the company said, adding that it plans to expand its offering across the world by the end of 2019.

Maersk explained that international trade is subjected to diverse and wide controls and customs regulations that need to be met to ensure that traded goods are entering and exiting legally. If a delay occurs, the entire plan gets affected. A delay causes increased expenses such as storage costs, fines, and penalties, resulting in additional problems for importers and exporters.

“This new one-stop-shop allows us to timely and efficiently handle export and import declarations for our customers. The solution provides downstream benefits of full governance and compliance, eliminates the need to provide a quote as pricing is displayed online, saving three to five minutes per quote,” Vincent Clerc, Chief Commercial Officer of A.P. Moller – Maersk, said.

“In other words, it saves our customers time, money and headaches reducing the number of intermediaries they deal with from three or four to just one as well as paperwork which subsequently reduce the time spent on transactional procedures.”

Maersk has piloted its Ocean and Customs Clearance shipping management platform for almost two years in Germany.



Iran's Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Rastad explored ways of using trade and connectivity capacities with the Vietnamese officials.


The managing director of the Ports and Maritime Organization met Vietnamese national shipping authorities during a visit to Vietnam and discussed the trade and communications capacities of the two countries. The discussions focused on the launch of a shipping line between ports of the two countries.

Rastad also met with the Deputy Minister of Transportation during his visit to Vietnam and talked through the trade and communications capacities of the two countries on the development of port and maritime cooperation. Mr. Rastad praised the capabilities of the ports of Vietnam and the University of Marine Sciences, while expressing hope that in the future, there will be stronger ties to the corresponding sections in Iran.

The first meeting of Iran-Vietnam Maritime cooperation working group will be held in Tehran by the end of this year, said the managing director of the Ports and maritime Organization while emphasizing on the implementation of Article 15 of the Joint Shipment MoU.

Referring to port capacities and the transit role of Iran in the region, Rastad also pointed to the implementation of issues such as "supporting and setting up a shipping line between the two countries", "exploiting the academic capabilities of the two countries and establishing a link between the relevant authorities", and " facilitating financial transactions and facilitating the transfer of oil products, especially bitumen to Vietnam”

Rastad and accompanying delegation also visited Hai Phong, the biggest trade port in northern Vietnam, on the invitation of the country’s maritime officials and with the aim of boosting port and maritime cooperation. During the meeting, senior directors of the Hai Phong Port presented a report on its capacities and functions.


Reference: pmo.ir

Iran and Bulgaria have signed six Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) to boost cooperation in different fields, including ports and maritime transport, postal services, trade, meteorology, and standardization policies.


The agreements were signed during a meeting between Iran’s visiting Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami with Bulgarian senior officials, including Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, in Sofia on Thursday.

During the meeting, the two sides also explored the avenues for widening cooperation in other fields such as energy, agriculture, information technologies, youth and sports, and tourism.

Borissov said that Iran is a traditional partner in the Middle East region, and Bulgaria attaches great importance to the development of its relations with that country.

The traditionally good cooperation in the area of transport should be activated, he underscored.

The Bulgarian official said his country welcomes a continuation of the discussions on the options for developing the Greece-Bulgaria-Black Sea-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Armenia-Iran transport corridor, which creates opportunities for effective and reliable freight transport between the Middle East countries and the Central and East European countries.

At this summit, Mohammad Ali Hassanzadeh as the Deputy Director of Port and Economic Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization conducted special talks and held joint meetings with his Bulgarian counterpart, finalizing and signing the Memorandum of Understanding on Ports and maritime Relations between the two countries.


Reference: pmo.ir

The end of the escalating trade war between the world’s two super-powers, China and the United States, seems to be on the horizon as the two sides near a deal on ending the tit-for-tat tariffs on export and import of goods.

Following a truce at the end of 2018 and the ensuing trade talks, the focus now is on the enforcement mechanism aimed at making sure the US and China meet their commitments allowing for the tensions to cool down.

According to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the bilateral trade talks have resulted in a mechanism to police the yet-to-be-unveiled trade agreement, which will entail establishment of new enforcement offices and repercussions for whomever fails to meet their end of the deal.

Even though the trade tariffs have had an adverse impact on the shipping market, especially for bulkers and tankers, there are industry leaders that believe the trade tensions were favorable for the container shipping market fundamentals overall.

Speaking at Capital Link’s 13 Annual International Shipping Forum, in a panel dedicated to container shipping, George Youroukos, Executive Chairman of Global Ship Lease, said that the “trade war is the best thing that happened to container shipping in the last few years.”

“Our industry is cyclical not because we have a cyclical demand – every year the demand is bigger than the last year. The reason we have a cyclical market is because of the supply, and the trade war has put the supply in check, putting a break on the ordering of new ships,” he added.

As explained, the lack of new ordering has paved the way for the lowest order book the industry has had in decades. This is very important having in mind that the container shipping sector has been battling choppy waters over the past few years especially due to overcapacity.

Furthermore, Youroukos pointed out that he was not worried about the trade wars as he doesn’t believe the production of goods could be switched from the Far East to the Western hemisphere, hence there is no room to fear about trade wars having a major impact on the global container shipping patterns.

Commenting on the trade tariffs, Howard Finkel, Executive Vice President of COSCO Shipping Lines (North America), said that the company hasn’t seen a huge effect on trade as tariffs on certain imports that would have had a greater effect haven’t been put in place yet.

Specifically, in December 2018, Trump agreed to leave the tariffs on USD 200 billion worth of product at the 10% rate, and not raise it to 25% during the 90-day tariff ceasefire.

Nevertheless, Finkel said that there has been a great deal of overbooking over the last six months, as shippers try to beat the tariffs.

Due to overbooking, the West Coast ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have been experiencing congestion due unprecedented import volumes as larger vessels are being deployed to accommodate increased cargo volumes as tariff deadline looms.

Every aspect of port operations, from labor and equipment supply to vessel and yard operations, to truck and rail availability is being stretched and contributing to congestion, gridlock and delays, as explained earlier by Taiwanese shipping company Yang Ming.

However, commenting on the potential outcome of the trade talks Finkel voiced his hope that “cooler heads would prevail”, allowing for the situation to normalize.

Outlook for the Container Shipping Market

Over the recent period the container shipping market has undergone numerous changes, with major consolidation wave shrinking the number of carriers present in the market and companies switching to different alliances.

Referring to claims from European authorities that container shipping alliances raise competition concerns in what has become a concentrated market, Finkel said that despite the fact that there are fewer carriers now, the market remains “brutally competitive.”

“I really believe that you need to be in a strong alliance to keep your operating costs down,” he added.

Cao Deambrosio, Managing Partner at Seamax Capital Management is bullish on the prospects of the container shipping market. Specifically, charter rates have been on the rise since the beginning of 2019 and utilization rates are going up as well, he pointed out.

“The upcoming fuel change and resulting slow-steaming, together with vessels getting taken out of service for scrubber fittings should help the supply side. Assuming the demand stays the same and people don’t get overly excited with newbuilding orders, we should be in pretty good shape for the next few years,” Deambrosio pointed out.

Youroukos added that the industry is already seeing containerships slowing down by one to two knots due to the global sulphur cap entering into force in 2020, stressing that ships trading on all services are expected to slow down. As a result, liner companies will see reduced operating costs bringing about at the same time the absorption of the extra capacity in certain trades.

Speaking on the IMO 2020, Finkel said that the industry needs to agree on the right bunker formula to avoid potential detrimental effects on ships from fuel contamination, stressing that COSCO plans to meet the new regulation by switching to low-sulphur fuel.

“The impact of the fuel switch stemming from the IMO 2020 is going be the determining factor in whether the liner companies are going to be profitable or not in 2020,” Finkel noted, highlighting the overall importance of the regulation on the container shipping market.

Image Courtesy: PxHere under CC0 Creative Commons license; Written by Jasmina Ovcina Mandra




The general director of The Maritime Rescue and Marine environment protection of the Ports and Maritime Organization announced the purchase and use of new marine pollution control equipment at all ports of the country.

Ali Reza Khojasteh on the opening ceremony of the eighteenth International Exhibition of the Environment, stating that the Ports and Maritime Organization on behalf of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is responsible for preventing and controlling pollution, said that the Ports and Maritime Organization in line with " The MARPOL Convention "and the domestic law,  has established waste collection, processing and disposal centers to prevent large-scale depletion of wastes by ships in territorial and international waters.

Referring to the sensitive role of the Ports and Maritime Organization in combating ship-borne pollution and the organization’s inclusion in the OPRC convention and Chemical Hazardous Substances (OPRC HMS), The general director of The Maritime Rescue and Marine environment protection stated that The Ports and Marine Organization has invested more than $ 100 million in dealing with hazardous contamination and has facilitated the process of tackling and clearing the marine environment through the purchase of strategic equipment such as skimmers.

Khojasteh also announced the construction of a "clean sea ship" at Bandar Abbas Shipyard, aiming at tackling marine pollution, and expressed his hope that the ship would be operationalized in the ports of the country as soon as possible.

He described "low sulfur fuel supply “as one of the most important issues at the ports and maritime organization this year and stated that correspondence with the organizations, in particular the oil products distribution company, has been carried out. According to the estimates made for 2020, we need about 1.5 million tons of low sulfur fuel.


Reference: pmo.ir

مدیرکل توافقنامه ها وتوسعه بازار سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی اعلام کرد: اعلام و ابلاغ تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر بازرگانی کشور در سال ۹۸ در انتظار تصویب سازمان حمایت مصرف کنندگان و تولیدکنندگان و نیز شورای عالی رقابت است.
محمدعلی اصل سعیدی پور در گفت و گو با پایگاه اطلاع رسانی سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی، در خصوص آخرین وضعیت تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر بازرگانی کشور در سال جاری، یادآور شد: کتابچه تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر بازرگانی کشور هرساله به روزرسانی و ابلاغ می شود، به همین منظور کتابچه مربوط به سال ۹۸ نیز اواخر سال گذشته توسط سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی به روزرسانی شده و به منظور اعلام و ابلاغ در انتظار تصویب نهایی توسط سازمان حمایت مصرف کنندگان و تولیدکنندگان است.
وی ادامه داد: در سال جاری برای اولین بار تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر شمالی از بنادر جنوبی کشور تفکیک شده است که اتفاقی بسیار مهم به شمار می رود تا بسته به کارکرد هریک از بنادر بتوان تعرفه های مربوط به آن را لحاظ کرد.
مدیرکل توافقنامه‌ها و توسعه بازار سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی افزود: در همین راستا تنظیمات نرم افزاری نیز به منظور تطبیق تعرفه های جدید خدمات بندری و دریایی انجام خواهد شد تا بتوان به نحوی مطلوب کار را پیش برد.
به گفته سعیدی پور، در به روزرسانی تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر بازرگانی کشور در سال ۹۸، مسائل و موضوعات مربوط به سال گذشته که به طور مثال می توان به رخدادهای ارزی اشاره کرد، مدنظر قرار گرفته و علاوه بر این با توجه به مسائل و کارکردهای مختلف بنادر جنوبی و شمالی کشور تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی این دو دسته از بنادر تفکیک شده که تاکنون با رضایت مخاطبان همراه بوده است.
وی با تاکید بر اینکه امیدوار هستیم تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر بازرگانی کشور طی چند روز آینده از سوی مراجع مذکور تایید و تصویب شود، خاطرنشان کرد: در صورت تصویب، تعرفه های خدمات بندری و دریایی بنادر بازرگانی شمال و جنوب کشور از سوی سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی جهت اجرا، ابلاغ می شود.
منبع: وبسایت سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی

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